Explore Health, Wellness and Green Tech @Sino Inno Lab

Sino Inno Lab, a sandbox platform for visionary startups and technology enterprises, offers an innovative lineup of advanced green materials, sensing technologies, lighting for wellness and sanitisation, as well as AI and robots. The Lab also hosts interactive tours of its periodically refreshed technology displays to facilitate knowledge exchange, idea generation and collaboration.

The Lab is currently showcasing over 30 newly selected innovative PropTech solutions, which have been developed and tested in the Lab for various applications, including hotels, residences, shopping malls, and property management.

Technology highlights:

Eco-wall tiles which are fully recyclable

Natural limestone-based paint for sanitisation and carbon dioxide reduction

MetaRoom using specially designed acoustic metamaterials to reduce noise

Mid-air haptic sensor transforming traditional displays into a touch-free panel

Intelligent textiles designed to recognise hand and body gestures to customise colour illuminations

Environmental sensors measuring and monitoring the health parameters and safety in the buildings


It is exciting to see these new solutions help transform our properties and communities into greener and more people-centric spaces, and how the lab can continue to engage more stakeholders in exploring more innovative concepts.

For more information about Sino Inno Lab, please visit: www.sinoinnolab.com